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4 Myths And Realities About Travelling In Iran

Friends have always asked me where am I travelling next, and I’m usually happy to share and talk about my next destination. But there was one destination which I was reluctant to mention for I knew the questions coming my way, given the unusual choice of country. It’s the country that has a bad reputation in the West and there are not many news media releases that state the good stuff about the country. That country is Iran. You must be thinking, “but…why Iran?”  Typically, I would have responded cheekily, “hmm…why not?” but prior to the trip, I gave vague

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

In this week’s photo challenge Details, “discover the intimate details of something unexpected, and share your images with us” I was captivated by the intricacy and details of carpets displayed in the Carpet Museum in Tehran. Some of the carpets could have been mistaken for a painting but they were threads finely and painstakingly woven into beautiful pieces of art.  *Related Post:

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