Review: 3Sis Vacation Lodge Hotel, Chiang Mai

I wanted to stay in a B&B in Chiang Mai, Thailand especially in the old historic part of the city. The main attraction of Chiang Mai is the old walled city where many of their beautiful Buddhist temples, night markets and cafes are located. I didn’t want to stay in in a location where one has to travel by public transportation albeit a short distance. After some research, I found this little gem called 3Sis Vacation Lodge Hotel. Do not be misled by the word ‘Hotel’ attached to its name. 3Sis Vacation Lodge Hotel is not a large chain hotel but

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mumbai diaries part 2 jehangir art gallery

Mumbai Diaries: Part 2

By the time the heritage walking tour ended, my guide and I became fast friends. We decided to have lunch in Colaba. I’m sure you must have heard or read about Leopold’s Café in Colaba. It was made famous by the book Shantaram, and its author Gregory David Roberts frequents the café every now and then. Leopold’s was also unfortunately the target of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks. Bullet marks can still be seen in the café. I was tempted to go to Leopold’s but read reviews that the food and drinks are overpriced due to its fame and the café

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