The Scarlett Boutique Hotel Hue, Vietnam – Review

Throughout my trip in Central Vietnam, I had been lucky to stay at budget accommodation which were value for money with amazing 5-star services. I stayed in a guesthouse located deep in an alleyway in Hoi An and a budget hotel situated along the riverbank in the countryside. As the saying goes, good things come in threes, and indeed, the third good thing came in the form of a hotel called The Scarlett Boutique Hotel in Hue. You wouldn’t be able to identify The Scarlett Boutique Hotel right away on the main street unless your vision was clear enough to

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tiger tops tharu lodge review al fresco lunch

Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge, Chitwan National Park – Review

Apart from the high-altitude mountain treks that Nepal is famous for, tourists are increasingly discovering the lowlands of Nepal. The lowlands area is in the south, at the fringe of the Indian plains – the Teraj – and it is here that you find Chitwan National Park. Chitwan National Park is a World Heritage-listed reserve covering 932 sq. km of jungle and grasslands, and is one of Nepal’s popular tourist destinations. Chitwan is one of the best wildlife national parks in Asia to spot deers, monkeys, a variety of birds, and one-horned rhinos. And if you are extremely lucky, you

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the settlement hotel melaka bicycles for rent

The Settlement Hotel Melaka – Review

As most people are aware, there is no shortage of hotel accommodations in Melaka. Majority are clustered around the city’s touristy area, that is, Jonker Walk where the streets are lined with handicraft and antique shops, cafes and restaurants. On weekend nights, Jonker Walk is turned into a lively and vibrant night market, heaving with tourist crowds. If you are planning a trip to Melaka, would you prefer to stay at a hotel which is right in the touristy area, or a place that is close to the main sights but still away from the crowd to chill and relax?

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planters country hotel cameron highlands gardens

Planter’s Country Hotel, Cameron Highlands – Review

I have to admit, I am an Anglophile. I love the English countryside (hmm, not so much the rain), British films and their dry humour, and afternoon tea traditions of scones, jam and cream. Unfortunately, I live in South East Asia which means I do not get the opportunity to visit the UK as often as I like. Moreover, the exchange rates between Malaysian Ringgit and UK pounds are not exactly in my favour. However, just a month ago, my friend had invited me to his hometown, Cameron Highlands for the weekend and had arranged for me to stay at

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avenue j hotel kuala lumpur modern stylish lobby

Avenue J Hotel, Kuala Lumpur – Review

When it comes to choosing a hotel accommodation, I like to stay in the city centre mainly because I prefer to be close to amenities such as cafes/restaurants, shops, sights and public transportation, not having to worry about food or getting around in the city. I’m not a luxury traveller but a budget/mid-range traveller which means staying at a 3-star hotel in the city. 3-star hotels can be of a hit-or-miss experience – it’s either clean but not value for money, or reasonably cheap but not clean. However, staying at Avenue J Hotel was a hit experience on many accounts

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Reviewed: Moab Land Hotel

I stayed at the Moab Land Hotel, a hostel situated literally across the road from the Greek Orthodox Basilica of St George, or simply, St. George Church. The word ‘hotel’ is rather misleading for the prices they charge but it’s actually a hostel consisting of private double rooms and mixed dormitories. There are not many accommodations available in Madaba because the town is rather small with population of only 60,000. Majority of the accommodations are family-run and the most luxurious hotel that you can find is a 4-star Best Western hotel. In addition, there are travellers’ accommodations run by the

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Reviewed: Toledo Hotel, Amman

It can be disconcerting when arriving in a city or country never visited before to find your airport pick-up from the hotel did not arrive on time. I have had my share of such experiences. Thankfully, that didn’t happen when I arrived in Amman. The moment I exit from the airport, I was grateful to see my name on the placard held by the driver sent by Toledo Hotel – nothing is ever more reassuring than that. The arrival experience continued to be pleasant the instant I stepped into Toledo Hotel, the hotel that I stayed for two nights in Amman.

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Review: 3Sis Vacation Lodge Hotel, Chiang Mai

I wanted to stay in a B&B in Chiang Mai, Thailand especially in the old historic part of the city. The main attraction of Chiang Mai is the old walled city where many of their beautiful Buddhist temples, night markets and cafes are located. I didn’t want to stay in in a location where one has to travel by public transportation albeit a short distance. After some research, I found this little gem called 3Sis Vacation Lodge Hotel. Do not be misled by the word ‘Hotel’ attached to its name. 3Sis Vacation Lodge Hotel is not a large chain hotel but

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