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Churches of Old Goa and Panjim

One of the reasons why I wanted to come to Goa was its connection with my hometown, Melaka in Malaysia. The connections or similarities are: Portuguese rule, Portuguese community and St. Francis Xavier. Melaka or Malacca was ruled by the Portuguese from 1511 to 1641. During the 130-year colonial rule, the Portuguese inter-married with the local Malay population, and their descendants are now referred to as Portuguese-Eurasian or “Kristang” in Malaysia. Majority of them are Catholics, and they still maintain Portuguese surnames such as Fernandes, Sequiera, De Souza, Pinto and so on. Although the Portuguese-Eurasians are now living all over

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Anjuna: It Wasn’t What I Expected

After spending 4 nights in South Goa, I was ready to move on to the northern side – Anjuna. Now, I know some of you who have been to Goa – you might be thinking, oh why, Anjuna? In fact, I remember a German traveller who was staying at the same guesthouse as I in Benaulim, was puzzled too when I mentioned about my moving on to Anjuna. Well, I was asking myself the same thing too when I got there. South Goa was paradise – beautiful and clean beach, less people, transport and food were cheaper. And I assumed

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church of holy spirit margao goa inside church

In Pictures: Church of Holy Spirit in Margao

Since it was a Sunday, I thought it might be a good idea for me to go to church and there are no shortages of churches in Goa 🙂 Before I left Malaysia, my Catholic mum kept reminding me to attend at least one mass in Goa and also impressing upon me that there is a Basilica in Goa which houses the relics of St. Francis Xavier (That’s in Panjim). Maybe she was hoping for some miracles to happen in my life! After mooching around on Abade Faria Road photographing Indo-Portuguese mansions, I caught a rickshaw and headed towards Church

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In Pictures: Indo-Portuguese Mansions in Margao

Margao is the second largest city in Goa, after the state capital city, Panjim. According to Wikipedia, Margao is the administrative headquarters of South Goa, and Goa’s cultural and commercial capital. It may sound like it’s a big city but it felt like a small town compared to the large sprawling cities I had been in India. Or perhaps I made this visit on a Sunday when most shops were closed and not many people were out and about in the city?? Margao is the Portuguese name and spelling but is called Madgaon by Indian Railways, so please take note

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Happy that Heaven is Here

I always say “Heaven is Here” whenever I’m at the beach. I love the beach. Love the sounds of crashing waves or rustling palm leaves. Love the feel of sand in between my toes. I don’t mind the hot sun but at the same time I don’t bake myself in the heat either. Have never been a good swimmer but love to dip myself every now and then in the water. Ahhhh…the Beach. It’s relaxing. It’s HEAVEN. Indeed, I came to the right HEAVEN…in Goa. I stayed in Benaulim, South Goa and the name of my accommodation for the following

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