Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

In this week’s photo challenge Details, “discover the intimate details of something unexpected, and share your images with us” I was captivated by the intricacy and details of carpets displayed in the Carpet Museum in Tehran. Some of the carpets could have been mistaken for a painting but they were threads finely and painstakingly woven into beautiful pieces of art.  *Related Post:

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Artsy Amman

An interesting observation of the questions asked of me when I returned from Jordan. Apart from “Is Jordan safe?”, the ones I found amusing were “Did you go to Petra, is it like in Indiana Jones?” , “You went to Jordan? Oh my god, Petra!!”, “How was Petra?”, “I hope you went to Petra!”. Of course I went to Petra, it would be a travesty if I didn’t! I appreciate your questions and am more than happy to share with you about my thoughts on Jordan…and Petra. But nobody has asked me about things to see and do in the

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The Unconventional White Temple of Chiang Rai

I signed up for the Golden Triangle Day Tour from Chiang Mai, and one of the tour highlights was to visit the White Temple in Chiang Rai. The drive from Chiang Mai to the White Temple took approximately 3 hours. The official name of the temple is Wat Rong Khun but is popularly known as the White Temple because of the all-white exterior of the temple embedded with fragments of mirrored glass. Interestingly, the White Temple is actually considered as an art exhibit in the style of a Buddhist temple, privately owned by Thailand’s leading visual artist, Chalermchai Kositpipat who is

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Art Fun in Penang

Lots of street murals are burgeoning around the world, and Penang has not left behind in this. The street art painting was commissioned to a Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic who painted murals depicting characters and scenes in the inner city of Georgetown especially in the UNESCO Heritage Site. My favourite mural in Penang is “Little Children on a Bicycle” and thankfully, I had managed to get this shot in Feb. Unfortunately, the mural was defaced with a political-theme graffiti about a month ago 🙁 I saw the defaced version of it during my last visit in August and there were

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More Discoveries in Esfahan: Frescoes and Sunset

Our time in Esfahan got better each day. Not that the previous trips to Tehran and Shiraz weren’t great, they were just different. Each city has a special theme: palaces and museums in Tehran; gardens, poetry, Islamic shrine and Persian ancient cities in Shiraz; and mosaics and frescoes in Esfahan. And the frescoes in Esfahan are so well preserved like they were recently painted in the 21st century. Just a stone throw away from Naqsh-e-Jahan Square is a pavilion called Chehel Sotoun, a palace situated amongst beautiful landscape of gardens and a long pool. The pavilion was built by Shah

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Palaces and Museums of Tehran: Part 2

After lunch, our guide, Rana, was ready to take us to the next stop – Glass & Ceramics Museum. Sounds boring, isn’t it? I’m not into pots and vases, and especially after such a fascinating morning of history and architecture at Golestan Palace, I wasn’t sure if the afternoon itinerary was going to be as interesting as the morning one. But I told myself to keep an open mind and just go with the flow. I won’t go into details about the artefacts in the Glass & Ceramics Museum but the history behind the building was: It was formerly a

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