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Heritage Photo Contest – The Lucky Ten!

About a week and a half ago, I launched a Heritage Photo Contest in my blog. It was launched as part of a post describing my experience using the GPSmyCity self-guided city walk app. GPSmyCity apps will be given to ten (10) participants who submit interesting heritage photos from their travels [CONTEST IS CLOSED]

Well, it’s time to reveal those 10 interesting heritage photos, and the individuals behind the lens who took the photos 🙂

10. The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Photo taken by Suvi from the blog Mrs Suvi .

heritage photo contest blue mosque mrs suvi blog

9. Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Cincinnati, U.S

Photo taken by Anupriya from the blog Chasing Miles .

Anupriya writes, “The library was incorporated in 1895 and it stands regally amongst the houses. It’s a testimony to the quest of knowledge!”

heritage photo contest public library of Cincinnati Hamilton county chasing miles blog

8. Menara Kudus (Kudus Tower Mosque), Central Java, Indonesia

Photo taken by Bart from the blog Bartzap .

Bart writes, “The tower was built in 16th century as the minaret of the mosque by Sunan Kudus who spread Islam in Java. Though it is part of the mosque, the minaret architecture itself is influenced by Buddhist-Hindu style”

heritage photo contest mosque kudus tower bartzap blog

7. Santh Estifun Church (Church of North India), Assam, India

Photo taken by Rajiv from the blog Rajiv Verma .

Rajiv writes, “Established in the year 1890, the church is located in Thaligram which is adjacent to Khaspur temple. It is reported that there are around 20-25 Christian families in Thaligram area who mostly attend the local church on Sundays”.

Here’s the link to a relevant blog post of Rajiv’s: http://webguy.in/2015/05/13/kachari-kingdom-ruins-khaspur-silchar-assam/

heritage photo contest assam church Rajiv verma blog

6. The Kotgarh Church, Shimla, India

Photo taken by Satyender from the blog bNomadic .

heritage photo contest kotgarh church bnomadic blog

5. Gereja All Saints (All Saints Church), Taiping, Malaysia

Photo taken by Safiza. Check out her Instagram pics.

heritage photo contest gerejaallsaints safiza yusof insta

4. Sultan Mosque, Singapore

Photo taken by Ankur from the blog UltraWideLife . Follow him as well on Facebook .

heritage photo contest sultan mosque ultrawidelife blog

3. Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia

Photo taken by Grace. Check out her Instagram pics.

heritage photo contest port Arthur tagleg insta

2. Pinang Peranakan Mansion, Penang, Malaysia

Photo taken by Danial from the blog Dan On The Road . Follow him on Twitter & Instagram .

heritage photo contest pinang peranakan mansion dan on the road blog

1. Brihadeshwara Temple, Tamil Nadu, India

Photo taken by Suyash from the blog Suyash Chopra . Follow him on Twitter .

Suyash writes, “Brihadeshwara Temple or more popularly called as Big Temple of Thanjavur. This temple had completed 1000 years of its existence. There are a lot of unique and amazing facts of this temple and is one of the marvels (including scientific) of ancient time”.

Here’s the link to his blog post on this temple: https://suyashchopra.wordpress.com/2015/05/04/brihadeshwara-temple-of-thanjavur-india/

heritage photo contest big temple thanjavur suyash chopra blog

Congratulations to the Lucky Ten bloggers and instagrammers! Do check out their blogs and/or social media channels.

To the Lucky Ten – I will be in touch with you soon about your gifts 🙂

*A special thanks to GPSmyCity for providing the apps for the Lucky Ten!


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  1. Great post and great collection of sites and photos. All brilliant, the Menara Kudus (Kudus Tower Mosque), Central Java, Indonesia looks as if I could walk right into the shot.

  2. Thanks for featuring Menara Kudus here Kat, it is one of the heritage which captured the harmonization of some religions in Java. I hope you can visit it someday.

    Also, congratulation to the other winners 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! I love the collection featured, different from the usual heritage photos that we often associate with the city/country.

    1. Congrats Anupriya! I agree with you on the photos featured, different from the usual ones which we often associate with the cities/country.

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