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How often do you find yourself wishing that you knew where to go and what to do in a new city?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by tons of information on the internet – top things to do and see in a new city, travel stories and insider tips – but not knowing which one to refer to while travelling?

The thought of printing so many pages (we have to save trees!) and bringing along these papers on your trip seems such a hassle, right?

And more importantly, the last thing you want to deal with is data plan and international roaming costs especially when travelling abroad!

Well, fret not, because you now have the opportunity to download GPS-guided travel articles to your mobile device with GPSmyCity app which becomes your personal tour guide.

What is GPSmyCity app?

GPSmyCity publishes iOS and Android apps featuring 5,000 self-guided city walks in 470+ cities worldwide. Each walk provides a route map guiding you to famous attractions and interesting sights, allowing you to explore the cities on foot with your GPS-enabled mobile phone or tablet.

The app on your mobile device becomes your personal tour guide, therefore there is no need to join a guided tour as you can explore the city at your own pace at minimal cost, a fraction of the cost you would normally pay for a guided tour.

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What are the main features of the app?

  • Multiple Walks in Each City

To suit various interests as some travellers enjoy exploring heritage and architecture while others prefer exploring the markets.

  • Detailed Walk Route Map

The map indicates a detailed walking route including turn-by-turn walking directions to guide you from one stop to the next.

  • GPS-Guided City Walks

You won’t have to worry about getting lost as the map uses GPS to help you navigate to the destination and various stops.

  • Read Offline

And the best part of all is that you can work offline. Once the route is downloaded to your mobile device, you can navigate easily without data plan. This means no international roaming costs will be incurred when travelling abroad. Isn’t that a huge relief?

GPSmyCity list of walking tours
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And did you say there are GPS-guided travel articles in the app as well?

Yes, that’s right. These travel articles are written by travellers who have visited the sights that you are interested in; giving you some insights or tips to find the city’s hidden gems.

You can easily download the articles via the app on to your mobile device for free, after which you can read them anytime, anywhere… without data plan or WIFI.

The interesting bit is that the travel article has GPS coordinates embedded and a map of the route that the traveller has described in the article. To convert the downloaded article into a GPS-guided article, you can upgrade for a small fee of only US$1.


To introduce to you how fantastic this app is, I’m pleased to partner with GPSmyCity for the second time and we would like to offer a free upgrade on my travel article via GPSmyCity app.

  • Just click on the link below and the article will appear.

Churches and Coffee in New Jolfa, Esfahan

  • To convert the article into a GPS-guided article, click on “upgrade” and the app will download an offline map and the GPS navigator.

*If you do not have the GPSmyCity app, as soon as you click on my travel article link, you will see a prompt to guide you to download and activate the free app, after which the travel article will appear automatically.

This FREE giveaway is available to all my readers until midnight Monday, 5th August 2019.

Let me know your experience with these GPS-guided travel articles with GPSmyCity app, enjoy! 🙂


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