AWE Connect Virtual Conference 2016: New Beginnings

Dear Friends,

I will be one of the panel speakers for Asian Women’s Empowerment (AWE) Connect Virtual Conference this year. AWE Connect is a mind-sharing platform created to connect and inspire women from all walks of life especially in the Asia region. We “mind-share” about topics relating to family, career, travel, personal development, health, finance, entrepreneurship, goals, dreams, visions and so on.


This is actually my first time to speak with a team of women in an AWE Connect program. How I got to know this group of Wonder Women? I was invited by Kavitha Subramaniam to join them for their coffee catch-up session in February in Kuala Lumpur, and was delighted to meet Juno Kim, the founder of AWE Connect.

During the coffee session, all of us mingled and got to know each other. It was fascinating to meet women who came from different backgrounds (life coach, trainer, university student, banker, yoga practitioner, singer, travel consultant, expats) but all came with a common objective, that is, to share experiences, exchange ideas, provide advice, give encouragement and motivation, and most of all, to build an environment safe for like-minded women to speak up and pursue their passion.


After a few years of hosting regional meet-ups, AWE Connect decided to go virtual in 2016. The AWE Connect Virtual Conference will be launched during the weekend of 28-31 July, and the theme is “New Beginnings”. The virtual conference opens on 28 July and all videos/lectures/materials will be available for 365 days. There will be live sessions but don’t worry, if you’re busy that weekend, you can access the recorded content at home, anytime you want, and watch as many times as you like!


I will be one of the panellists for the program “Corporate Women Careers, Life and Travel”, and together with Amy McPherson and Corinne Lin, we will be answering questions on women in the corporate world, juggling between two careers, and how to maximise travel opportunities with a corporate lifestyle!

To get access to the virtual conference and programs, go to to register. Tickets are USD65 but you can save USD10 if you use my coupon code AWEKAT.


Book now through and expect AWEmazing sessions from our AWEsome Speakers!

Hope to see you there!


    1. Thanks Swav 🙂 Hope all is well. Btw, you wouldn’t believe this – I received your Christmas Card just last week! From the stamps I saw on the envelope, I think the Irish postal service mistakenly sent the card to Mexico instead of Malaysia! Because I saw the Mexican stamp on the back of the envelope. The Mexican postal service must have opened the envelope to see what was inside because the envelope was sealed again with a sellophane tape. That is so strange and hilarious! Makes me wonder about the Irish postal service! 🙂

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