In Pictures: Mekong River Cruise

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam is often named as the “rice bowl of Vietnam”. It is such a fertile region that it produces half of Vietnam’s total agricultural output. Therefore, life for villagers in the delta centres on the rivers and canals, and their mode of transportation is obviously by river.

You can experience a cruise on the Mekong River and boating along the canals – just sign up for a tour which takes you on a 2.5 hour journey from Ho Chi Minh City to My Tho, a former naval base and now a thriving port city in the Mekong Delta. During this tour, there will also be opportunities to visit local villages in the area, to sample tropical fruits and to visit a coconut candy factory.

Here are pictures I took from a small rowing boat which allowed us to get deeper into the canals of the Mekong Delta.

ho chi minh city mekong river boats

ho chi minh city mekong river boat rower

ho chi minh city mekong river boat ride

ho chi minh city mekong river

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    1. Hi Pam,

      I booked a day tour from the hotel. I was staying at Blue Diamond Hotel. You can do the same from your hotel too because the tour company picks up guests from various hotels for the tour. It costs, if I recall correctly, US$20 or perhaps slightly less. It includes a bus transfer, lunch, and the tour ends around 3pm/4pm in the afternoon. Hope this helps.

      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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