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Historical and Romantic City of Huê

When I booked my train tickets and hotel stay in Huê, I didn’t know much about the city except that it is a historical city and its main attraction is the Imperial Citadel. I didn’t have high expectations either because all I wanted was a break from Hoi An, a popular touristy town in Central Vietnam. There was nothing wrong with Hoi An except that I wanted to break my one-week stay in Hoi An with side trips to the countryside and to another city nearby to avoid boredom.

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I Love Huê

Historical Background

From 1802 to 1945, Huê (pronounced ‘hway’) was the national capital, and political, cultural and religious centre of Vietnam. Huê was ruled by the Nguyen Dynasty which ended when Emperor Bao Dai abdicated in 1945 to make way for the communist government led by Ho Chi Minh who moved the capital of Vietnam from Huê to Hanoi in the north.

Sadly, many parts of the imperial city were destroyed during the Vietnam War or the Vietnamese calls it the ‘American War’. Huệ was captured by the Viet Cong (VC) for 24 days during which the VC and American forces exchanged fires resulting in heavy casualties. In order to take over the city, the American forces had no choice but to target at some of the ancient structures which ended up largely damaged.

Romantic Perfume River

It’s very easy to get around in Huê. The Perfume River splits the city into two: The Citadel is situated north of the river while the city park and modern buildings like offices, hotels, restaurants and cafes are situated south of the river.

The real name of the river is Huong Giang and is called the Perfume River because of flowers falling into the water from orchards located upriver during autumn, giving the river a fragrant aroma. Well, I can’t attest to this as my trip to Huê was during summer, as such I wouldn’t know if this was true 😊

Because of its fragrant-sounding name, the river lends to the poetic appeal of Huê and there is no better place to experience the romantic side of this city than taking a stroll on the Truong Tien Bridge.

historical romantic city Huê Perfume River
Perfume River

Connecting both sides of the city, Truong Tien Bridge spans across the Perfume River on which pedestrians walk alongside traffic. Despite the sounds of traffic, I didn’t feel as if I was caught up in the mad frenzy of vehicles. It was as if the sounds reduced in the background while I was mesmerized by the cool breeze, the gentle flow of the river and the dragon boats bobbing by the promenade awaiting tourists. The dreamy, romantic experience was more enhanced especially when the river reflected the setting sun.

historical romantic city Huê Truong Tien Bridge

historical romantic city Huê Truong Tien Bridge Vietnamese lady

North Side

The Citadel

The major attraction on the north side of the river is the 19th century Imperial Citadel, surrounded by a moat and thick stone walls of 10,000 metres in circumference! The Citadel consists of palaces and shrines, the Forbidden Purple City where the royal families had lived, reception halls, pavilions and gardens.

Although the Citadel remained mostly intact after the American War, some buildings and structures inside were destroyed. Fortunately, with ongoing restoration works, tourists are now able to visit and admire the sprawling palace and imagine how life once was in this imperial city.

Useful Information:

  • Opening Hours: Summer 6.30am – 5.30pm; Winter 7.00am – 5.00pm
  • Entrance Fees: VND55,000 (approx. USD2.50)
historical romantic city Huê Citadel Imperial Palace
Citadel Imperial Palace

historical romantic city Huê the citadel

historical romantic city Huê citadel Noon Gate and Thai Hoa Palace
Noon Gate and Thai Hoa Palace

historical romantic city Huê citadel Noon Gate

historical romantic city Huê citadel mandarin hall
Mandarin Hall

historical romantic city Huê citadel palace gate

historical romantic city Huê citadel red columns

historical romantic city Huê citadel red doors

historical romantic city Huê citadel door brass rings

historical romantic city Huê citadel palace landscape

historical romantic city Huê citadel lakes and gardens

Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market is a commercial centre where locals come to buy their fresh produce, conical Vietnamese hats, household items and even gold jewellery! The market opens as early as 4am and is bustling with shoppers by 7am.

South Side

City Park by the River Promenade

There is a park situated by the river promenade with lots of trees and sculptures. Unfortunately, there are no descriptions in English about the symbolic meanings of those sculptures but I suspect they were made in line with the socialist theme. The park is a great place to take a breather, just relax on the bench under the leafy trees – a respite from the heat especially during the summer.

historical romantic city Huê city park pavilion

historical romantic city Huê city park sculpture 2

historical romantic city Huê city park sculpture 5

historical romantic city Huê city park sculpture 6

historical romantic city Huê city park sculpture 1

Tombs of the Emperors

Located south of the Perfume River but a few minutes’ drive from the city is another attraction of Huê – Tombs of the Emperors. These are tombs elaborately built for the emperors during the French colonial rule in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The tombs display some of the finest examples of Vietnamese Buddhist architecture.

You can hire a taxi or a private car to see the tombs but the best way is to hire a river boat and go for a cruise.

historical romantic city Huê tombs of the emperors image via Flickr by Dennis Jarvis
Tombs of the Emperors. Image via Flickr by Dennis Jarvis

Where to Stay in Huê

Majority of the accommodation in Huê is located on the south side of the river, ranging from backpackers’ hostels, budget and boutique hotels and luxury hotels. And these properties are situated close to shops, banks, cafes and restaurants.

I had a wonderful stay at a fairly new budget hotel called The Scarlett Boutique Hotel. The interior decoration of the hotel is tastefully done with rich colours that evoke romanticism and paintings that pay tribute to ‘Gone With the Wind’ theme. Although it’s a budget hotel, its hospitality is outstanding – almost 5-star service. Click here for reviews and price comparison for the hotel.

Gentle and Quiet Huê

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I didn’t expect much from my stay in Huê for I wanted a side distraction from Hoi An.

Hoi An is charming and lovely especially the Old Town but the throngs of people can get overwhelming especially in the evenings when they go crazy over the boat rides and lanterns. Huê, on the other hand, is the complete opposite – gentle and quiet – so much so that visitors can’t help but be quiet themselves! 😊

While Huê is not as busy as Hanoi or as vibrant as Ho Chi Minh City or as pretty as Hoi An, this historical and romantic is certainly not bereft of life. In spite of its imperial heritage, Hue is alive in its own unassuming way.


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  1. I’ve always heard Hue is a beautiful place to visit but it’s lovely to get more detail from your post – what a wonderful name the Perfume River is too! I love the history, and sounds so chilled out, especially after the busier cities. One day I will finally get to Vietnam, and this is definitely staying on my itinerary. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

    1. Yes, please include Hue in your itinerary especially if you plan to explore places of interests in the central region. Hoi An is beautiful and charming but too many tourists, so it’s nice to chill out in a smaller city like Hue to enjoy pure travelling 🙂

    1. Yeah, Hue is an understated city especially with so much attention on Hoi An, the closest city in the central region (a few hours’ away). I’m glad that I went to Hue, it was such an interesting place to discover 🙂

    1. I’m not sure if they will ever rebuild or restore some of the sites destroyed during Vietnam War. The war was just too painful for them especially the older folks and the younger generation prefers to move on.

    1. Hi Rob & Ann! Sorry for the late reply as I had been travelling for nearly a month and have returned yesterday. I’m pretty sure you will say “I Love Hue” when you visit Hue in the future hahah! It was great seeing you both in Ireland – good fun!

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