Kandy Guesthouse In Idyllic Peradeniya

In my last post on our arrival in Peradeniya Railway Station after a 3-hour train journey from Colombo, we were whisked off by our host’s driver to our accommodation for the next 3 nights. We stayed at Kandy Guesthouse, reachable from Peradeniya within 5 minutes’ drive while Kandy is only 15 minutes away. Peradeniya is famous for the Royal Botanical Gardens and is the location of the University of Peradeniya which is the second oldest in the country.

We came across Kandy Guesthouse when we were browsing for accommodation options on the net. Its 4.5 stars on Tripadvisor helped quite a lot and as we scrolled down the page reading reviews of this guesthouse, we couldn’t help but felt drawn towards it. And it had indeed exceeded our expectations.

When we arrived at the guesthouse, we were greeted by the host’s daughter, Michelle. She led us into the house and immediately brought us to our bedroom which was situated at the back of the house on the ground floor. As we climbed down the stairs to the ground floor, we heard a loud roaring sound behind the house. At first I thought it was pouring down with rain but it wasn’t raining at all. It was actually the sound of a river flowing at the back of the house!

The gardens and the river flowing behind the house.

kandy guesthouse backyard

kandy guesthouse river flowing backyard

Accommodation costs US$50 a night including breakfast. Our twin bedroom was superbly clean and neat, towels were provided and hot shower was available. No air-conditioning but a standing fan is available as the house is surrounded by greenery and lush jungle, thus the weather gets cooler by nightfall. Michelle invited us to have tea on the balcony which faces the river…my gosh, it was so idyllic. We were tired from waking up very early in the morning to catch a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Colombo and then went on a train journey from Colombo to Peradeniya…it was so relaxing to have a cup of tea (or two) while we rested our feet with sounds of the roaring river in the background.

Our bedroom is at the foot of the stairs

kandy guesthouse rooms back of house stairs

During tea, we discussed with Michelle about our plans for the next 2 days, and she was very helpful to give us advice on the places to visit, the distance from Peradeniya and other options. Prices were reasonable, so we took up on her offer as she went ahead to arrange our excursions for us. As it was already late, we decided to stay in and have dinner in the guesthouse. Dinner costs LKR1,100 (US$8.45) per person and it was absolutely delicious. Home-cooked meals of rice, chicken curry, carrots, pumpkin, beetroot, egg and pappadoms – a combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food as my friend is vegetarian. You know the feeling of being tired and all you wanna do is go home and eat Mum’s food? That was exactly how I felt – it was so yummy! Dessert was buffalo milk curd served in a tiny claypot and you can add coconut treacle if you like it a little sweet 🙂

Tea on the balcony

kandy guesthouse balcony

We only got a chance to walk around in the neighbourhood 3 days later – on our last day at Kandy Guesthouse – have a look at some of the pictures I took. It was 7.30am, and we walked for about 20-25 minutes soaking in the atmosphere of stillness, the landscape of lush green fields, birds chirping (we now know the sounds that squirrels make!), the occasional car and motor vehicles drove past us and the deafening horn  of the locomotive as it came rolling in the railway tracks.

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With a neighbourhood like this, would you stay in an urban jungle? 😉


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  1. Kandy Guest House is one of the best place i have been to.
    as you said it is very convenient and the services they provide is very good.
    Loved the food and the atmosphere .A best place to relax.

    1. Indeed, so much soul in Asia, and that’s why I’m appreciating this region more and more each time I explore new places on this side of the world. Sri Lanka definitely gets you in the relaxation mode, it’s so laidback and chilled out 🙂

  2. Gorgeous – I didn’t have long in Kandy on my visit, and we didn’t stay over unfortunately, but it seemed like a wonderful place to spend a few days. Thanks for linking up to #mondayescapes

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