In Pictures: Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island and I came to this island just as the civil war ended. When I arrived in Colombo in Oct 2009, there was something different about the capital city. It didn’t feel like a capital city but like a beach city. There were cars, traffic, skyscrapers, however, it felt different like the wind was blowing my hair and all my worries flew away. The city puts you in a different mood altogether.

As the days went on, I was so glad that the war ended in May (5 months before I arrived) because this tear-drop island has so much to offer. There are beautiful beaches, historic temples, wildlife, culture, delicious food (and fresh seafood!), cheap shopping and most of all, friendly and laid-back people.

Apart from exploring Colombo, I visited Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, a Buddhist temple which houses the relic of the tooth of Buddha. And I enjoyed the drive along the beach to Galle and admired the vast area of a Dutch fort called Galle Fort.

But the one thing which I would always remember from this trip was visiting Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is an orphanage for wild orphaned elephants found wandering in the jungles of Sri Lanka, and a captive breeding place for these elephants. The main attraction of the orphanage is to observe the elephants bathing and playing by the river bank.

Here’s a special gallery of the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage:

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  1. Wonderful shots Kat. I love the elephants and I can imagine it was lovely just watching them washing each other and playing. The orphanage looks like it’s worth a visit, as is Sri Lanka. I really do want to go there one day and the political unrest has never put me off. Thanks for sharing on #MondayEscapes

    1. Thanks Ting 😉 If you do get there – and I hope the orphanage will not change too much – do go early and watch the mahouts walking in with the elephants. It’s quite a sight to these beasts walking in 🙂

  2. Oh wow, this post actually bought tears to my eyes. I visited Sri Lanka in 1993/94 and still remember that orphanage vividly. I got to feed a baby elephant which was amazing, and I will never forget standing by the side of that river watching them all bathing, and feeling slightly anxious as they strode past me. Thank you for bringing those memories to life again #MondayEscapes

    1. You’re welcome, and I’m glad that you enjoyed the post, and that it brought lovely memories for you 🙂 Sri Lanka is a very special place…

  3. Oh this brings back memories – I visited Sri Lanka and the elephant orphanage a few years before you, just over a year after the tsunami. Such a beautiful land and so much tragedy there. I would love to go back, nowhere deserves peace and happiness more. #MondayEscapes

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