how to go from manila to banaue

How to go from Manila to Banaue

Banaue is a significant tourist attraction in the Philippines and is located in Ifugao Province. It is well famous for its rice terraces and the scenic mountain views around.  There are about 2,000-year-old rice terraces on the slopes of the mountain. It is something off the beaten path, and the Banaue rice terraces are often referred to as “The 8th World Wonder.” It is already listed on UNESCO Site, and some of the places that you simply should not miss are Batad and Hapao Rice terraces to explore the amazing landscape around the area and other small villages.

how to go from manila to banaue rice terraces image from pixabay
Banaue rice terraces. Image from Pixabay

Banaue is the gateway to all other tourist attractions in the Philippines, and if you enjoy trekking, this is the place to be. Road transportation is the most feasible way to reach Banaue.

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Although the village is not very far from Manila, it is not so easy to reach Banaue, especially if you are considering public transportation. One can take a jeepney or bus from Manila to Banaue, and the trip would take about 8-9 hours. Save on local accommodation by opting for a night bus. However, do not forget to bring blankets as it can be cold inside the bus at night. The other option for travelers is to fly to Baguio and take a bus from there.

As road transportation is not so easy and reliable, it is essential to plan your trip well in advance and get bookings done with reliable tour operators. Both local passengers and tourists prefer to travel by reputable bus tour operators to visit the charming village of Banaue. The tours will not only take care of your transportation from Manila to Banaue but also arrange for you to tour the terraces. Look for a dependable transportation booking platform and travel in a comfortable and air-conditioned vehicle. Go online and do some research before you make your bookings.

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how to go from manila to banaue ifugao women image by D-Stanley CC by 2.0
Ifugao Women. Image by D-Stanley/CC by 2.0

Ohayami Trans is a trusted bus line from Manila to Banaue and preferred by the passengers because of its clean interiors and comfortable and spacious seats. It would be a mistake to ignore the choices you make for bus transportation from Manila to Banaue as the journey is a long one, and if you do not get your seats in a comfortable and reliable bus, you are in for loads of discomfort!

Banaue is a perfect location for nature lovers and trekking. The best time to visit is from June to July, and October to November. Apart from the terraced rice fields, the other major points of interest include Tappiya Waterfalls and Banaue Museum. You can plan a three-day tour to cover the major attractions within the area.

how to go from manila to banaue bridge image from unsplash
Farmer walking on a bridge in Banaue. Image from Unsplash

Having a reliable mode of transportation means having an enjoyable ride and stop as and when you desire. Make your trip worthwhile and create lifetime memories of the beautiful village.


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