tegal sari ubud bungalow blocks and rice fields

Tegal Sari, Ubud – Review

When I was travelling in Ubud in early May, I promised myself that I would stay in an accommodation with expansive views of rice fields. That’s because Ubud is surrounded by verdant rice fields and I’ve always loved such views for they evoke a sense of peace and calmness in me. But the question is, which accommodation should I choose that gives me those views and go easy on my pocket as well? Well, I found a place that ticks all the boxes in my checklist – rice-field views, spacious and quiet property, good location, superb customer service and value for money – and that place was Tegal Sari.

Situated about fifteen minutes’ walk from Ubud Centre and a few metres away from Monkey Forest, Tegal Sari was like a calm oasis, giving me refuge and respite from the traffic congestion and moped noise on the streets. As soon as I entered the property, the ambience was silent except for movements of guests and staff coming and going near the reception area. Check-in was smooth though I had arrived much earlier than the usual check-in of 2pm. While waiting for my room to be ready, one of the hotel staff gave me a tour around the property.

I was surprised to learn that Tegal Sari was established several decades ago and over a period of time, the property has expanded to build a number of bungalows housing various types of accommodation. Guests have a wide selection of accommodation to choose from superior rooms with wide verandas and balconies, super deluxe rooms with mosquito-netted four-poster beds and furnished balconies, luxury villas and suites with private swimming pools and kitchenettes, and a Rapunzel-like tower! Staying in a tower sounds pretty cool to me – it has a long, spiral staircase leading up to the top and I’m pretty sure the views from there would have been magnificent – but once you’re up there, you would probably stay there for quite a while before coming down to the ground floor again, right? 😊

tegal sari ubud rapunzel tower
Rapunzel tower!
tegal sari ubud bungalow blocks and rice fields
Bungalows of Tegal Sari by the edge of the rice fields

Tegal Sari has two swimming pools – one situated by the edge of the fields and another on the rooftop with a yoga studio next to it. The swimming pool that is closer to the rice fields feels quite cold but refreshing at the same time – the area is very shaded with lots of trees and plants, thus there isn’t much sunlight to penetrate into the water. Apart from the swimming pools and yoga studio, the property has a gym and massage spa housed in open pavilions situated in between the bungalows with a view of the rice fields.

tegal sari ubud swimming pool by the rice fields
Swimming pool by the rice fields
tegal sari ubud swimming pool rooftop
Swimming pool at the rooftop

By the time tour was over within an hour, my room was ready. I stayed at the super deluxe room furnished with a mosquito-netted four-poster bed, a L-shaped couch, a spacious bathroom fitted with a jacuzzi tub and rain shower and a furnished balcony with two sofa chairs and a small coffee table offering a picturesque, lush views of the rice fields. One of the things that I loved about Tegal Sari is that most of the rooms (including the superior rooms) provide privacy where guests would not see or walk pass the other rooms. My room was located on the upper floor of the bungalow – it was just as private as staying in a private villa – no guest or staff traipsing up and down the stairs of the bungalow.

tegal sari ubud super deluxe room
Super deluxe room

tegal sari ubud lush green rice fields

tegal sari ubud magnificent views of rice fields

The hotel does not provide complimentary mineral water bottles in the room, however, the ones available in the mini-bar fridge are chargeable. The best is to fill up your own water bottle with water from their water dispensers located at the reception and the gym. In this way, you reduce plastic thrash and you save the environment instead.

Room rates do not include breakfast but there is an on-site restaurant at the back entrance of the hotel that serves breakfast as early as 7am. Or you can walk over to numerous cafes located on Jl. Monkey Forest which serve a variety of breakfast including Indonesian and Western-style breakfasts.

Based on the conversations I had with the staff, Tegal Sari is very popular among repeated guests – they keep returning to the property to stay every time they come back to Ubud – and I can see why. The rooms are huge, clean and comfortable, the rates are value for money, its central location and exceptional customer service. Guests can also book excursions at the reception for tours around Ubud and other parts of Bali, and they can call the reception anytime should they wish to avail the complimentary drop-off/pick-up service within the Ubud Centre vicinity.

I stayed at Tegal Sari for the second half of my one-week travels in Ubud. Whenever my travels are about to end, I always like to stay at an accommodation that gives me good vibes so that I may have a lasting impression of the property and the destination. Tegal Sari did just that 😊

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tegal sari ubud rice fields view in the morning
View of rice fields in the morning

*My stay at Tegal Sari in Ubud, Bali was generously discounted in exchange for this review. Opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. This looks like a fabulous find, Kat. I stayed in one of the Four Seasons in Ubud and it’s such a spectacular setting and quite amazing to be surrounded by paddy fields. I really like the idea of filling up your water bottles too so you’re not using plastic. If only more places could do this! Thanks for sharing on #Farawayfiles

    1. Ooh Four Seasons in Ubud must have been incredible! Ubud is really gorgeous especially the areas outside the town centre where there is more green and less traffic. I’m hoping more places encourage people to reduce single-use plastic – the idea of filling up your water bottle from the water dispenser in the hotel is a brilliant.

  2. This looks like such a lovely place! I’d love to look out and see the rice fields, and the pools look very relaxing as well though I admit to rarely using hotel pools.Thanks for sharing on #farawayfiles

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