Sunset at Senggingi Beach Lombok: A Canvas of Art

People have called Lombok many names and mostly are tied to Bali somehow. It is called “unspoiled Bali”, ” the quieter side of Bali” or “the 2nd Bali”. Although I feel the former two names are more appropriate for Lombok but I reckon it’s not fair for this island to be constantly tied to Bali despite its own beauty. Lombok has a lot to offer in terms of pristine beaches (probably one of the best in Indonesia), magnificent waterfalls and mountain climbing activity (Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia) but quieter. Lesser hotel accommodation and amenities for tourists in many areas of Lombok but the local people are very friendly and welcoming towards tourists.

However, if you prefer to stay in the “touristy” area of Lombok for convenience, then Senggingi Beach is the place. It’s about an hour’s drive from the airport. You will find hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, warongs (local shack selling cheap delicious food), diving centres, travel and tour agents, shops and stalls. And yet, no one is hustling around, traffic is not crazy on the street – the locals are pretty relaxed and laidback – yeah life is simple, no hurry, no rush, life is good 🙂

We stayed at Kebun Resort which is only 5 minutes’ walk from Senggingi Beach. And we read in many reviews that the sunsets at Senggingi Beach are incredible. We watched the sunsets from Lotus Bayview Restaurant. Here are the pictures 🙂

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We loved watching the beautiful sunsets from Lotus Bayview Restaurant so much so that we were there for two evenings in a row, sat at the same spot, ordered our drinks and admired the “drama” played out up in the sky.

Sunset is usually around 6pm local time and we were there as early as 5.30pm. But the best part was around 6.45-7.00pm when the sun had fully set and disappeared from the horizon, the colours of the sky turned from blue to dark blue with streaks of yellow and orange, and later transformed to deep pink and purple. The sky became a canvas of art.

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sunset at senggingi beach lombok a canvas of art katpegimana

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    1. Absolutely, we were so surprised by the vivid colours. We were so glad that we stayed back for another 30-45 minutes after the sun had set 🙂

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