An Opulent Transformation: Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles is located about 16 kilometres south-west of Paris and is easily accessible by train. It is advisable to be at the Palace as soon as it opens at 9am, and please be PATIENT. I can’t emphasize this enough because the queues stay absolutely long all day until early evening. Visitors can get put off by the long snaking queues especially during spring and summer time, therefore it’s best that you book the tickets online or get a Paris Museum Pass. My sister and I had the Paris Museum Pass, and we queued at a separate line. Our queue time was not short (45 minutes) but I bet it was much shorter than others who came without any bookings or passes.

Transformation of a Hunting Lodge

Who would have thought that the Palace of Versailles started off as a hunting lodge? Louis XIII was charmed by the site and had purchased land in that area to build a small brick and stone lodge in 1622. Over a period of ten years, he enlarged the lodge and expanded his residence. Louis XIII died in 1643 and was succeeded by Louis XIV.

In 1662, Louis XIV, also known as The Sun King, moved his royal residence from the Louvre Palace which was the centre of constant political turmoil, to Versailles. He expanded and transformed the palace, and the result of which is what we see today.

Versailles is undeniably overwhelming in its opulence and scale. Sadly, we were there only for a day and there is a whole lot more of the Palace which we didn’t get a chance to explore. So do get a map of the Palace and plan carefully what you wish to see in the Palace.

Here are some of the magnificent highlights of the Versailles:

The Marble Courtyard

paris-versailles-palace-front-entrance paris versailles palace front entrance marble courtyard

Dauphin Apartments

paris versailles palace dauphin apartments

paris versailles palace dauphin apartments green bedchamber

Chapelle Royale

paris versailles palace chapelle royale

paris versailles palace chapelle royale upper floor

Frescos in the King’s Grand Apartment

paris versailles palace frecoes kings grand apartment

paris versailles palace frescoes kings grand apartment image

The Hall of Mirrors

paris versailles palace hall of mirrors

Palace Gardens

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Grand Canal

paris versailles palace grand canal

Apollo Fountain

paris versailles palace apollo fountain

paris versailles palace apollo fountain image1

paris versailles palace apollo fountain image2

Latona Fountain

paris versailles palace latona fountain


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