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Cycling in Hoi An

Introducing Mike McLeish of Pinch Flat who had spent some time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia working on a community bicycle project which subsequently inspired him to be a ‘bicycle blogger’ 🙂 Mike wrote this guest post about cycling to an island called Cam Kim, near Hoi An in Vietnam. Hope you enjoy the post!


I’m currently traveling solo around the beautiful country of Vietnam, specifically the quaint little town of Hoi An. If you’re planning a trip to Vietnam anytime soon I highly recommend this place, it’s straight from a fairy tale.

I’ve been here for over two months now so have had the opportunity to go on a few bike rides. Here’s my latest mini bike ride around an island called Cam Kim.

cycling in hoi an riverside hoi an image by Paul Mannix Flickr
Riverside in Hoi An.
Photo Credit: Paul Mannix/Flickr

The Bicycle

Most of the bicycles in the area are the same. They’re small, kinda rusty, and only have one gear… But to make up for that, they all come with a front basket and a bell. So it’s not all bad!

My bike rides around the area never last longer than 10 miles. So if you’re serious about cycling, I highly recommend bringing your own as the rentals just aren’t up to it.

That said, if you’re just cruising around town or off on the occasional adventure then these bikes will do the trick!

Busy Old Town

If you choose the wrong time of day (like I did!) the road can be a little hectic, but with some practice, and a little care you’ll soon get the hang of the wacky road rules!

The way of the road is very different to where I’m from in England, but I quite enjoy zipping in and out of traffic!

There is only one way to get to Cam Kim and that is by motorbike bridge. Just by the entrance of the bridge, there are some coffee chairs placed under some trees. Usually, I like to stop here with friends and have a drink while overlooking the water.

But today was different. Today I was going over the water!

cycling in hoi an busy motorbikes

The Bridge

The interesting thing about Cam Kim island is that it’s only accessible by a narrow motorbike bridge or by boat (at least on the Hoi An side). This means that there are hardly any cars on the island, whatsoever! I saw none in my time cycling around.

Quiet roads can make for some very nice cycling once you get onto the country lanes.

The bridge you need to cross is made entirely of metal and it quite high up. It’s noisy and rickety, which can feel a little disconcerting as you get towards the middle!

cycling in hoi an bicycle and motorbike on bridge

The Quiet Island

Once you’re away from the traffic, you’ll find miles and miles of quiet lanes to cycle on, perfect for a late afternoon ride. You’ll come across a few temporary road blocks, but they tend to move when they see you coming!

cycling in hoi an cows on the road

There are so many quiet spots on the island – I think you could probably take some camping kit and sleep under the stars for the night. You’d have beautiful lanterns of Hoi An flickering in the distance, but you’d be away from the crowds that the old town draws in.

Crowds of people are something that this island has very few of. And it’s an island that only sees a few tourists a day so you’ll get big waves and hellos from the people you cycle past, which is always fun.

Carpentry Village

If you choose to cycle a little more, you can cycle to Kim Bong carpentry village. It’s perfect for people who prefer to relax away from the old town and want to discover the Vietnamese countryside.

Here you can see traditional artisans sculpting boats and other exquisite pieces. I spent some time looking around here but the items for sale were just a little out of my price range.

That’s A Wrap.

Once you’ve seen everything that you needed to on Cam Kim simply ride back the way you came over the motorbike bridge and back to the hustle and bustle of the old town.

Finish off the ride and refuel with some excellent Vietnamese food and you’re done for the day!

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