guide to melaka comments from local trishaws

Guide to Melaka – Comments From a Local

I have been wanting to write this post for a very long time – a post on the top things to do and see in my hometown, Melaka. However, I have been hesitant because there is a lot of content posted about Melaka and publishing another listicle post on this historical city might not make a huge difference. Many friends and acquaintances have asked me about what should they do, where should they stay and what food should they eat in Melaka. To be honest, I’m not an expert about my hometown. When I’m not travelling, I go back to Melaka once a month to visit my parents and to spend time with family. I hardly venture out of the neighbourhood to gallivant in the city because I don’t want to deal with the traffic jam especially in the tourist areas. I don’t know where is the best place to have this or that food because the best food is Mom’s food at home (sorry, our house is not opened to the public :-)). The shoppers and foodies who come to Melaka with the objective to find the best bargain or to have the best ‘coconut shake’, probably know a

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timez hotel melaka review victorian theme

Timez Hotel Melaka – Review

Most of you are aware that my hometown is in Melaka (Malacca) and that I come back to Melaka regularly to visit my parents who still live in this historical city. When I was invited to stay at Timez Hotel in October, I jumped at the opportunity because firstly, I seldom get to stay in a nice hotel in my own hometown, and secondly, I was able to bring a guest. So, I brought my mom along for this staycation with the intention of having a mother-daughter bonding session especially when I had just returned from Europe a couple of days before. Timez Hotel was formerly a pre-war heritage building and is now a boutique hotel with a modern facelift. The hotel is located on Jalan Hang Kasturi, a street adjacent to the main road of Jonker Walk which is known for the bustling night market on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. My father dropped us off at Timez but not before nearly missing the white-shuttered building as he drove into Jalan Hang Kasturi, for the entrance of the hotel is set back in its own short, landscaped walkway off the street, unlike other pre-war buildings which typically have short

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discover lisbon with lisboa card lisbon tram

Discover Lisbon with Lisboa Card

Portugal has never been viewed as an exciting European holiday destination until recently. Previously overshadowed by major players of European tourism such as France, Germany and Italy, Portugal – or rather its capital city, Lisbon – has had been a short detour for most tourists travelling in Spain. But Lisbon is now one of the hottest new destinations that offers a rich and varied history, lively nightlife and mostly sunny weather all-year round. Sitting on seven hills, Lisbon is a treasure chest of historical monuments and grand plazas. To discover a city like Lisbon, you will invariably spend some amount of money on entrance fees to historical monuments, castles and museums, and on transportation to get to those sights. And in all likelihood, you will be spending two or three days maximum in Lisbon, covering as many places of interests as possible within those days before moving on to other destinations within the country. *Also Read: Student Life and Fado in Coimbra This means, you will be asking, what is the best possible way to visit many sights at an affordable cost? Consider the Lisboa Card. What is the Lisboa Card? The Lisboa Card is a travel card that provides

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how to make the most out of travelling in asia ho chi minh city vietnam

How to Make The Most Out of Travelling in Asia

There is simply no doubt that Asia is the most highly-frequented destination for travellers from all over. With so much on offer in terms of culture, history and excitement – with natural beauty and religious significance on top of that – this is a part of the world everyone deserves to see. If you’re planning on heading to Asia on your travels, be sure to keep the following things in mind to make the most out of your experience. Plan your route in advance One of the best ways to ensure you make the most out of your Asian adventure happens before you even go. Be sure you have a planned route that accounts for everything you want to see and do on your travels – whether it’s a warm frolic upon the shores of Southeast Asia or an oriental getaway in Eastern Asia, there’ll undoubtedly be something for you. The wonders of Asia are plentiful yet diverse, and so it’s important you do your research beforehand to discover just which potential destinations will offer you what you want from your travels. Have a loose plan that allows for some changes, so long as you have a general idea of

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guide to delhi red fort

Guide to Delhi: Sightseeing, Shopping and Accommodation

Most international tourists who visit Delhi for the first time spend only a day in the capital city, after which they quickly move on to Agra in the south to see the renowned Taj Mahal, and to Jaipur in the west, a city in the Rajasthan desert. This tour is called the Golden Triangle Tour and is typically conducted over a period of six days, sometimes four days. As a result, regular tourists don’t get the opportunity to experience Delhi. Instead, what they usually see is a quick drive past Rashtrapati Bhawan, the President’s home; a thirty-minute photo op at the war memorial India Gate and a stopover at Raj Ghat, a memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi; a drive past Old Delhi and an hour visit at the Red Fort. Those sights are covered as much as possible in the morning, following which there would be a lunch break, perhaps a tour of the Lotus Temple post-lunch or onward travels to Agra. Some tourists may spend more time exploring Old Delhi – a chaotic maze of tiny lanes and crumbling havelis with Jama Masjid looms large in the background – but still, Delhi is so much more than the old

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guide for first timers to whistler peak 2 peak gondola image via flickr by atsushi kase

Guide for First-Timers to Whistler, British Columbia

The ultimate vacation resort of Whistler in British Columbia is situated hardly two hours away by road from the coastal city of Vancouver, Canada. With convenient bus connections from the airport, getting to Whistler has never been so easy. I have put together a helpful guide to unlock the perfect vacation for those of us intending to visit this dream destination for the first time. Getting to Whistler As mentioned, this mountain paradise, Whistler is only just a short two-hour drive from Vancouver with the scenic Sea-to-Sky Highway making a perfect entry point to this iconic holiday destination. In case you do not feel like driving, regular bus services are available from the airport and the Vancouver city centre. There is a leisurely train ride to be had, which luckily, passes through some of the best mountain scenery and cute Whistler vacation homes, making you fall in love with the resort town instantly. But for tourists who do not have much time, they can opt for a 20-minute small plane ride from Vancouver and you can get to the resort in a jiffy. Accommodation Whistler has such a wide range of accommodation that choosing the right one can become quite

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here's what you should know about Arctic Cruises North Spitsbergen Polar Bear Special June Markus Eichenberger Oceanwide Expeditions Markus Eichenberger Photography

Here’s What You Should Know About Arctic Cruises

At the mention of the Arctic Circle, one can’t help but imagine icebergs, seals, walruses and polar bears. Most of us learn about the Arctic from books and television from which we understand that it is the coldest and most remote place on earth. No matter how utterly bleak the Arctic is – did you know that there are expedition cruises to the Arctic for travellers? Yes, that’s right. Modern travellers can realise their dreams by going on an expedition cruise to the Arctic which for many of us consider it as a trip of a lifetime. I have always wondered – what is it like to be on an Arctic cruise? Well, let’s find out, shall we? Arctic cruise is different from the “normal cruise” Cruise to the Arctic is unlike the “normal cruise” in which the latter has 3,000 passengers who are provided activities and entertainment onboard and sightseeing trips upon disembarking at ports. Cruise to the Arctic, however, is an expedition cruise run by smaller ships containing at the most 100 passengers, and educational lectures are conducted by naturalist guides onboard to enhance knowledge on the local environment from walruses to glacial geology. The expedition team also

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isit monterey when travelling to san francisco cannery row image via Flickr by Christopher Chan

Visit Monterey When Travelling to San Francisco

Recently, I watched a travel program on TV that featured Monterey, California, a coastal town situated south of San Francisco. Watching that program brought back a lot of memories of my trip to San Francisco many years ago. I remember that trip being a fantastic two-week vacation covering San Francisco, camping in Yosemite National Park, and a quick getaway to Monterey. Most people make day trips to Monterey, but when I was there, my instincts told me that this laid-back and casual town was also perfect for those wanting to spend a night or two to explore its attractions at a relaxing pace. If you’re planning a trip to San Francisco, make sure you add Monterey to your itinerary. Here are the top things to do and see in Monterey. 1. Monterey Bay Aquarium The world-famous Monterey Bay Aquarium is the city’s main attraction and focuses on ocean conservation. This amazing aquarium is massive, with more than 35,000 sea creatures and hundreds of exhibits featuring sea turtles, sharks, jellyfish, and schools of fish. Although the entrance fees are steep, I guarantee that you’ll love it and that you’ll leave the aquarium awestruck by the wonders of sea life. For ticket information, opening

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charmony street and melaka river cruise old bus station bridge

Harmony Street and Melaka River Cruise

Throughout the course of history, the Melaka River had helped to transform Melaka (or Malacca) into a strategic trading point between the East and West for nearly 700 years attracting merchants, traders and travellers passing through who made this former port their home, blending in their respective heritage and traditions with local culture. As a result, Melaka became a huge melting pot of cultures, and it is now one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse cities in South-East Asia. ***** Just across the Melaka River and the Stadthuys is the city’s most touristy area – Jonker Walk – where the street is lined with handicraft and antique shops, cafes and restaurants, heaving with tourist crowds on weekend nights when the area is turned into a lively and vibrant night market. However, most tourists seldom venture out of Jonker Street to explore the side lanes and alleys of the heritage zone of the city. One particular street which might be of interest to those who are keen to know about Melaka’s unique cultural diversity is “Harmony Street”. “Harmony Street” is actually an intersection of three roads: Jalan Tukang Besi (Blacksmith Street), Jalan Tukang Emas (Goldsmith Street) and Jalan Tokong (Temple

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The Scarlett Boutique Hotel Hue, Vietnam – Review

Throughout my trip in Central Vietnam, I had been lucky to stay at budget accommodation which were value for money with amazing 5-star services. I stayed in a guesthouse located deep in an alleyway in Hoi An and a budget hotel situated along the riverbank in the countryside. As the saying goes, good things come in threes, and indeed, the third good thing came in the form of a hotel called The Scarlett Boutique Hotel in Hue. You wouldn’t be able to identify The Scarlett Boutique Hotel right away on the main street unless your vision was clear enough to spot a small signage just above a shop indicating the direction of the hotel. Hidden away down in a lane, this hotel was a surprise from the moment I arrived at the entrance. *Also Read: Three Ways to Travel from Hoi An to Hue The ground floor area is divided into two sections by a partition and a luxurious tufted sofa upholstered in velvet: one side for the reception and sales desk, and the other side for dining. I was ushered into the dining area where I was served fresh fruits, passionfruit juice and a wet towel to freshen myself

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