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3 Walking Tours to Explore Kuala Lumpur

Please Note: As of 30th April 2018, the free walking tours organised by Kuala Lumpur City Hall – Dataran Merdeka Heritage Guided Walk and Jalan-Jalan @ Kampung Baru Cultural Guided Walk have been discontinued. However, you may refer to my post below for your own self-guided walks around these areas in KL. I hope the history, heritage and cultural information that I share with you provide sufficient background knowledge of the city. Should you need further information about sightseeing activities in KL, please visit the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery at Dataran Merdeka.  ***** Exploring a city on your own can be intimidating especially if you are new to the city or still feeling disoriented after a long flight. Having to deal with a foreign environment of different landscape, sounds, languages and climate, and to decide what to see within a short period of time can be overwhelming. Therefore, a walking tour is the best way to have an introduction to a city. I have been a fan of walking tours ever since I went for heritage walking tours in Mumbai and Kolkata. There are guided walking tours available in Kuala Lumpur (KL) but majority are paid tours. Fortunately, Kuala Lumpur

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Best Places To Visit In Malaysia In December

Some of you in the Northern Hemisphere are dressed up like Eskimos, frost nipping at your noses and chestnuts roasting on an open fire, there are some of us living in the tropics are still dressed in t-shirts and perhaps carrying an umbrella to protect ourselves from the evening showers. That’s Malaysia for you in the month of December 🙂 Despite the showers, all is not doom and gloom as we still have a couple of hours of sunshine and warm temperatures during the day. Other parts of Malaysia might experience heavier rains (Malaysian Borneo of Sabah & Sarawak) or out of bounds due to monsoon (east coast of Peninsular Malaysia), however, the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia have plenty of destinations available for you to enjoy sunny weather during this holiday season. And if it rains, the showers occur only for an hour or two, after which the air feels less muggy, thus it will be pleasant for you to continue your activities. Collaborating with my fellow Malaysian travel bloggers, here are our recommendations of the best places to visit in Malaysia in December: Danial of Dan On The Road recommends Taiping in Perak: December in Malaysia is synonymous

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48 Hours in Kolkata: Day Two – Walking Tour with Calcutta Walks

If you only have 48 hours in Kolkata, what would you do? On Day One, my friend, Amrita and I had visited a museum, two synagogues, a coffee house, the river ghat, and walked along the prime commercial district in the city. A bit much? Well, our original list was much longer but we skipped other places as they were shut for the festive season. For Day Two, I signed up for a half-day walking tour, and a walking tour is the best activity to know a city. The first time I went on a walking tour was in Mumbai in 2014, and I had a brilliant time. Since then I told myself that I would always look for a walking tour in a new city to help me familiarise with its heritage and culture. And nothing beats listening to stories and anecdotes from a local expert about the city’s deep secrets! ***** The tour which I signed up for was the Confluence of Cultures: The Melting Pot Walk organised by Calcutta Walks. Calcutta Walks is touted as the best walking tour in Kolkata, and they have received critical acclaim by major publications including Lonely Planet, The Wall Street Journal and

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48 Hours in Kolkata: Day One

Kolkata was my first port of call in West Bengal, a start to an eleven-day trip covering Kolkata, Darjeeling and Gangtok. I arrived from Kuala Lumpur close to midnight and woke up the next morning to catch the tail end of the Durga Puja festival. In between the festivities, my host Amrita and I planned our activities for the next two days, after which I would head off to Darjeeling. Kolkata is a densely populated city of 14 million, thus there are numerous places to visit and things to do. I’m a heritage buff, so the first thing I always look out for in a city is anything related to history, heritage and architecture. Since I had only 48 hours in the city, I’d thought I share with you what I did during my stay, and perhaps that could help you too when you plan for a trip to Kolkata. ***** Victoria Memorial The first thing we did was to visit one of the famous landmarks of Kolkata – Victoria Memorial. Made of Rajasthani white marble, the Victoria Memorial is a grand, imposing building with a museum and gardens. The building was constructed in honour of Queen Victoria, an idea envisaged

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