how to go from manila to banaue

How to go from Manila to Banaue

Banaue is a significant tourist attraction in the Philippines and is located in Ifugao Province. It is well famous for its rice terraces and the scenic mountain views around.  There are about 2,000-year-old rice terraces on the slopes of the mountain. It is something off the beaten path, and the Banaue rice terraces are often referred to as “The 8th World Wonder.” It is already listed on UNESCO Site, and some of the places that you simply should not miss are Batad and Hapao Rice terraces to explore the amazing landscape around the area and other small villages. Banaue is

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family travel in cebu sinulog festival image by Rodney Ee via Flickr

10 Reasons for Family Travel in Cebu

Cebu, Manila’s distant cousin is the adventure capital of the Philippines. Here, you will find endless options for fun activities suitable for all ages making it the perfect family destination. If you are travelling with kids and worried that you will suddenly run out of things to do as a family, worry not. Cebu will not disappoint. There is no chance of boredom once you decide to visit the “Queen City of the South”. It is but natural for parents to make sure that when the family goes somewhere together, everyone including the little ones will enjoy the place as

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reasons to visit palawan el nido image by eibner saliba via unsplash

6 Reasons to Visit Palawan

If pure paradise is what you’re hoping to experience from your next travel destination, look no further than Palawan. This island offers some of the world’s most stunning beaches and is an ideal destination for travelers of all kinds. So, if you’re interested in world-class diving and snorkeling, a romantic getaway, a family-friendly trip, or just some much needed beach time, pack your bags and book a flight to the Philippines. There are tons of ways to plan the perfect getaway, but you can simplify things by booking from one of the many’s Palawan packages available to travellers. But

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A Delightful Evening At Sitio Remedios Heritage Village Resort

Sitio Remedios is located about 45 minutes’ drive from Laoag airport in Ilocos Norte, and is a private seaside heritage resort recreated to resemble the charming Ilocano village typical during the Spanish times. We were due to have our dinner here after a long day of sand-duning and touring churches and museums, thus we were looking forward to a place where we could sit, relax and enjoy our meal. And indeed, we came to the right place. Upon arrival at the resort, we were greeted by a paved walkway, lined by fourteen Stations of the Cross carved out of stone,

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How To Spend Two Days In Manila

Most people spend a day or, two days at the most, in Manila before moving on to the provinces or islands. Some say there isn’t much to do in this city. On the contrary, there are a couple of things one can do and see in Manila, given the notorious traffic in the city. There are interesting sights to visit, and places to eat and shop within two days; enough to let you have a feel of what the capital city can offer to a regular tourist and without losing your sanity with the crawling traffic conditions 🙂 Here are

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National Art Gallery, Manila

Never before have I experienced a good few hours appreciating profound visual statements in the form of art in South East Asia until I visited the National Art Gallery in Manila. The National Art Gallery is also called the National Museum of Fine Arts and is a branch of the National Museum. The other branches of National Museum are the Museum of the Filipino People and the Planetarium. All of these museum branches are located on the northeastern side of Rizal Park. Situated in a neoclassical building which was formerly the home of the Philippine Senate and House of Representatives,

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Waterfall Lunch At Villa Escudero

I was in Manila recently attending a travel conference, and we, the participants, were given options to choose an excursion trip outside of the capital city. There was a long list of excursions to choose from but I wanted to explore a place that was close to the city for a day trip – a tour which didn’t require me to leave my very comfortable hotel in Manila very early in the morning to commute to the tour pick-up point. Therefore, I chose Villa Escudero. Located about 100kms south-east of Manila, Villa Escudero is a working coconut plantation and hacienda in

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My Typhoon Lawin Experience

Did you know that the Philippines experience an average of twenty typhoons in a year? Twenty is a lot, in fact too much to bear, majority of which are swirling in the Pacific Ocean but there are a few that would dump heavy rainfalls and gusty winds in the Philippines as they pass through the islands and head northwest to Vietnam and China. Philippines receive the brunt of typhoons due to its position in the Western Pacific Ocean where the water temperature is at its warmest above 28 degrees Celsius. Along with high humidity, the conditions make an ideal recipe

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