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Wayang Kulit (Shadow Play) Malaysia

Shadow play or shadow puppetry is a traditional form of storytelling and has a long history in Southeast Asia namely, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia. Shadow play uses flat, cut-out figures (shadow puppets) which are held between an oil lamp or halogen lamp and a white muslin cloth. In Malaysia and Indonesia, shadow plays are known as wayang kulit – wayang means shadow or imagination while kulit means skin which refers to the cow hide or goat skin that the puppets are made from. Historically, wayang kulit was once performed in the palace of the first Malay king around 200

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Best Places To Visit In Malaysia In December

Some of you in the Northern Hemisphere are dressed up like Eskimos, frost nipping at your noses and chestnuts roasting on an open fire, there are some of us living in the tropics are still dressed in t-shirts and perhaps carrying an umbrella to protect ourselves from the evening showers. That’s Malaysia for you in the month of December 🙂 Despite the showers, all is not doom and gloom as we still have a couple of hours of sunshine and warm temperatures during the day. Other parts of Malaysia might experience heavier rains (Malaysian Borneo of Sabah & Sarawak) or

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A Sunday Morning At KL Bird Park

We had a long weekend in Malaysia recently, and typically I would have made use of that weekend jetsetting elsewhere but because of an upcoming trip to the Philippines in a week’s time, I decided to stay at home. However, I didn’t stay at home too long. My itchy traveller feet got the better of me, and so, on that bright and sunny Sunday morning, my sister and I set out to explore the KL Bird Park. For the longest time, we have read and heard many positive reviews about our KL Bird Park. As much as we were excited

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My Beach Getaway: Redang Island

Redang Island is an island located on the eastern part of Peninsular Malaysia, off the coast of Trengganu state. It is known for their white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and coral reefs, many of which lie close to the shore. There are two islands on the east coast of Malaysia that are popular among travellers: Redang and Perhentian. Redang is perceived as a destination for upmarket travellers because majority of the accommodation on the island are resorts whereas Perhentian is the favourite spot for backpackers. I have yet to visit Perhentian, in fact, this was my first visit to

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Discovering Malaysia’s Painted Heritage

We recently had the Labour Day long weekend and surprise, surprise, I wasn’t travelling 🙂 I was in KL, spending time with family as my parents came over from Malacca to visit. Aside from time with family, I spent an interesting Saturday morning at our National Museum (Muzium Negara). I joined a group of bloggers that morning to attend an event hosted by Tripovo and Muzium Negara. It’s in conjunction with International Museum Day on 18th May 2016, and we were invited to re-learn our Malaysia history at the museum and to participate in a crash course on batik painting. I was particularly excited

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Central Market and Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur

If you are planning to visit Kuala Lumpur (KL) for the first time, the first few stops of the day are our historical landmarks, namely, the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and Independence Square. The other historical areas are easily explored on foot, that is, if you do not mind the tropical heat and humidity. Depending where you come from, it’s a respite from the cold winters for some people but the humidity might be a drag for others. The best time to walk around the city centre is before 11am and after 5pm. However, should you find yourselves wandering around the

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The Old Colonial Influences in Kuala Lumpur

I was ruminating the other day that I have not been writing much about Kuala Lumpur (KL) city in my blog – the city that I have been living in for the past 16.5 years. Now, why is that? Hmm, I don’t know, really. Maybe it’s because when I’m in KL, I’m busy with the usual daily routine of work, house chores, catching up with family and friends (and blogging, ahem!). Then 2 or 3 months later, I leave KL for a weekend getaway somewhere in Malaysia or South East Asia, or a 2-week trip to a destination further away. I’m

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I Scoffed At The Idea of Glamping…But Not Anymore!

The first time I heard of glamping (glamorous camping) was two years ago from a former work colleague. I scoffed at the idea of glamping because I arrogantly believed that camping was truly about roughing it out. I believed that camping was about being in the wild, bonfires, sleeping bags, and probably no showers. My first camping trip was in Yosemite National Park, California, followed by another in Kakadu National Park, Australia. I remembered not being able to shower for 2 days unless we were desperate to swim in the creeks where there were crocodiles lurking in the waters! Since

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Art Fun in Penang

Lots of street murals are burgeoning around the world, and Penang has not left behind in this. The street art painting was commissioned to a Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic who painted murals depicting characters and scenes in the inner city of Georgetown especially in the UNESCO Heritage Site. My favourite mural in Penang is “Little Children on a Bicycle” and thankfully, I had managed to get this shot in Feb. Unfortunately, the mural was defaced with a political-theme graffiti about a month ago 🙁 I saw the defaced version of it during my last visit in August and there were

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Vivanta By Taj Resort on Rebak Island, Langkawi

It was that time of the year again when I would start thinking about a beach holiday. It was a time to unwind – unwind from the stresses of work and the city life, and believe it or not, also to unwind from all the stuff related to heritage and culture that are prevalent in my travels. Yup, you read that right! No, travelling is not stressful but there are times when I just want to do nothing but relax. A beach holiday is always perfect for me to chill out, sleep, read, swim, drink and probably sleep more. It

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