first impressions of rome trevi fountain

First Impressions of Rome: History and Art

My first trip to Europe was in 2008 and the destination was Italy. Rome was the first port of entry and the Eternal City made such an impression on me that, no matter how beautiful the other European cities that I had discovered in subsequent trips, Rome would always be my favourite. Why was Rome my all-time favourite European city? Ancient history: I was surrounded by ancient history everywhere in Rome and I marvelled at their inventions and formidable achievements, for the Roman civilisation was one of the world’s greatest and left a significant impact on today’s architecture, engineering, and politics. Beautiful art: There are beautiful examples of art and culture everywhere in Rome. I looked up at paintings and sculptures, so in awe of my surroundings that I had tripped on pews in churches and kerbstones on the streets. My sister had to caution me to watch where I was going! We wished we had more time to experience Rome at a leisurely pace but my sister and I were there for only two days on a guided tour, thus our itinerary was quite rushed. The Eternal City is packed with many things to see, here are the few places that we had visited:

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