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In Pictures: Indo-Portuguese Mansions in Margao

Margao is the second largest city in Goa, after the state capital city, Panjim. According to Wikipedia, Margao is the administrative headquarters of South Goa, and Goa’s cultural and commercial capital. It may sound like it’s a big city but it felt like a small town compared to the large sprawling cities I had been in India. Or perhaps I made this visit on a Sunday when most shops were closed and not many people were out and about in the city??

Margao is the Portuguese name and spelling but is called Madgaon by Indian Railways, so please take note of the name and spelling if you’re planning to travel by train to South Goa.

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indo-portuguese mansions margao municipal council
Margao Municipal Council


Margao is known for its Indo-Portuguese style mansions and many to be seen especially on Abade Faria Road. Abade Faria Road is about 10 minutes’ walk, north of the city’s municipal square. The Indo-Portuguese mansions built during the 19th and 20th century (some dated back to 18th century) particularly those situated along the main road were converted to shops, offices…or simply abandoned. The smaller ones are houses, shops or religious centres.

The mansions are brightly coloured – ochre, red, blue, green or yellow. They have balcoes (covered porches) and verandahs facing the street. The balcoes are bordered by ornamental columns. Their windows and railings are decorative too, typically white in colour so that they stand out in contrast against the brightly coloured walls and can be seen from afar.

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Here are photos I took while walking around in Margao.

indo-portuguese mansions margao goa ochre

indo-portuguese mansions margao goa abandoned

indo-portuguese mansions margao goa home green

indo-portuguese mansions margao goa lilac

indo-portuguese mansions goa traditional balcoes

indo-portuguese mansions goa yellow

indo-portuguese mansions margao goa ochre door

indo-portuguese mansions margao goa portuguese tiles house signage

indo-portuguese mansions margao goa yellow door


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  1. SO happy to stumble across this. I’m a Portuguese-Canadian and I would one day love to see the Portuguese culture infused in places like India, Africa and China (Macau). Very nice window into that world. #citytripping

  2. So colourful. Great pics. Really interesting to see the Portuguese influence on the Indian city. Thanks for linking to #citytripping

  3. Your photos capture the unique buildings and features perfectly. Thanks for linking up with #CityTripping

  4. Ohhh great shots Kat!! I love how colorful it is, I had no idea there was Portuguese influence there. That’s why on your last post I saw a boat with a Portuguese name on it 😀 soo cool!
    Thank you for sharing Goa on #MondayEscapes 😀

  5. You totally fool me! I thought your post was about Portugal when I read the post title. Anyway, I got a pleasant surprise since your photos are beautiful. I love all the colors!

  6. Stunning shots. I am reminded of Goa visit. We changed the plan and went to Gujrat instead. It was over crowded last month because of Christmas & new year celebrations. Good post.

    1. Oh yes, that’s right, you mentioned that before. Yeah, Goa is too crowded around Christmas time. But Gujarat was good, no? I saw your pics – they look great!

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