The Wonders of Wadi Rum

My 9-day adventure in Jordan was coming to an end. After 2 days of exploring Petra, it was time for me to move on further south of the country to experience the wonders of the desert – the wonders of Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum is often associated with the BritishRead More

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In Pictures: The Bedouins of Petra

Just as tourists are fascinated by the ancient Nabatean lost city, Petra, many are equally enchanted by its inhabitants – the Bedouins. The Bedouin tribes claimed to be the direct descendants of the Nabateans and that they had inherited Petra from their ancestors. Therefore it is presumed that the tribesRead More

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Reviewed: Moab Land Hotel

I stayed at the Moab Land Hotel, a hostel situated literally across the road from the Greek Orthodox Basilica of St George, or simply, St. George Church. The word ‘hotel’ is rather misleading for the prices they charge but it’s actually a hostel consisting of private double rooms and mixedRead More

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Mosaics of Madaba

Imagine living in a town where your backyard is now part of an Archaeological Park, a museum of mosaics unearthed from an early Byzantine church buried underneath rubbles, rocks and sand? Pretty cool, huh? The town is called Madaba – a laid-back town of 60,000 people – and is bestRead More

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Reviewed: Toledo Hotel, Amman

It can be disconcerting when arriving in a city or country never visited before to find your airport pick-up from the hotel did not arrive on time. I have had my share of such experiences. Thankfully, that didn’t happen when I arrived in Amman. The moment I exit from theRead More

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Artsy Amman

An interesting observation of the questions asked of me when I returned from Jordan. Apart from “Is Jordan safe?”, the ones I found amusing were “Did you go to Petra, is it like in Indiana Jones?” , “You went to Jordan? Oh my god, Petra!!”, “How was Petra?”, “I hopeRead More

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